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一个人名&一个品牌One Name, One Brand

创始人bg真人骰子 总裁专注于BG真人厅行业十余年,bg真人骰子 电池、bg真人骰子 技术两家企业,先后成立于2014年和2019年。深圳市bg真人骰子 电池有限公司(总部)位于深圳bg真人骰子 楼,其产业涉及AGVRGV、无人船、特种行业、军工行业、观光车、叉车、低速电动车、智能医疗、光伏储能、通讯基站、地产工程、收银POSE、观光车、智能制造等多个领域。

bg真人骰子 技术有限公司,坐落于新一线城市成都,致力打造百年新能源行业品牌企业,是BG真人厅研发及 PACK定制行业解决方案供应商和技术输出品牌商,是中国电力技术市场协会会员单位,参与《用电侧储能梯次利用电池技术规范》团体标准制定,其合作伙伴中上市企业占比达 95%,并为国际龙头企业美国google谷歌持续提供BG真人厅产品。同时,依托bg真人骰子 技术强大的BG真人厅版块科研实力,目前公司正与广电集团、四川大学、电子科技大学、四川工业学院等多所科研型高校联合创立“广电能量bg真人骰子 新能源研究院”。


公司立足全球,秉承“为客户提供高性价比服务”的理念,受到客户及同行一致赞赏,并拥有良好口碑。尤其在 AGV 智能机器人、无人船领域的BG真人厅 PACK 技术达到国际一线水准,并在欧美、中东、东南亚等地区具有一定影响力。



Puxun, founder and president of Puxun Group, has been focusing on the lithium battery industry for more than ten years.  Pu Xun Battery and Pu Xun Technology were established in 2014 and 2019.  Shenzhen Puxun Battery Co., Ltd. (headquarters) is located in Puxun Building, Shenzhen. Its industries involve AGV, RGV, unmanned ships, special industries, military industries, sightseeing vehicles, forklifts, low-speed electric vehicles, smart medical care, photovoltaic energy storage, and communications.  Base stations, real estate engineering, cashier POSE, sightseeing cars, intelligent manufacturing and other fields.

 Pu Xun Technology Co., Ltd., located in Chengdu, a new first-tier city, is committed to building a century-old brand enterprise in the new energy industry. It is a lithium battery research and development and PACK customized industry solution provider and technology export brand. It is a member of the China Electric Power Technology Market Association.  The group standard of "Technical Specifications for Batteries for Echelon Utilization of Energy Storage on the Power Consumption Side" was formulated, and its partners accounted for 95% of listed companies, and continued to provide lithium battery products for the leading international company Google.  At the same time, relying on Pu Xun Technology's strong research strength in the lithium battery sector, the company is currently co-founding the "SVA Energy Pu Xun New Energy Research Institute" with many scientific research universities such as SVA Group, Sichuan University, University of Electronic Science and Technology, and Sichuan Institute of Technology.

 The company is based on the world, adhering to the concept of "providing customers with cost-effective services", and has been unanimously appreciated by customers and colleagues, and has a good reputation.  Especially in the field of AGV intelligent robots and unmanned ships, the lithium battery PACK technology has reached the international first-line level, and has a certain influence in Europe, America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other regions.

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